About Us

J. Walker & Associates, Inc. is a consulting and coaching firm that is committed to helping you align your human capital with your strategic goals.


Most businesses hire good people but something happens that prevents these good employees from performing at their best.  J.Walker & Associates, Inc. exists to help business leaders identify these obstacles and help develop strategies to remove them.  In doing so, we are developing leaders to be the best they can be for their company.   Sure it works us out of a job, but we will not become a replacement for your company’s leadership.


Dr. Janet Walker has a desire to help create “the best place to work” for many businesses in our area – therefore making this the best geographic location to work.


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Company Culture and Leadership
Hiring Employees that fit the company and the job

Company history

There comes a time in a person’s career that a professional feels like there’s more to offer than what they are currently doing.  In 2000, Dr. Walker decided it was time to fulfill a dream to start a consulting practice and help multiple companies achieve their goals.  J. Walker & Associates, Inc. is experienced in working with a variety of for profit and non-profit organizations across diverse industries.

With our unique blend of skills, abilities, knowledge, resources andpartnerships,  we have successfully performed in health care, insurance construction, distribution, manufacturing, school systems, financial services and more.  President and Founder, Dr. Janet Walker has dedicated herself to helping business leaders reach new levels of success in their business operations by focusing on the successful use of their human capital.  Janet earned a Doctorate of Education from University of Nebraska-Lincoln and holds adjunct faculty positions.  In addition to her commitment to her firm and her clients, she is actively involved with the Omaha Organization Development Network and is a member of American Society of Training and Development.

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