If you’re interested in getting to the root of your organization’s problems, and you’re resolved to make impactful, sustainable performance changes, J. Walker & Associates, Inc. can help!

J. Walker & Associates, Inc. provides complete, customized solutions to meet your needs.   We will:

*  diagnose the causes of poor performance

* prescribe actions, strategies and/or interventions to cure the issues diagnosed.

* guide your implementation of solutions as prescribed.


Symptoms….Why do people ask for our help?


  • They are experiencing unhealthy turnover.
  • Their staff isn’t productive enough and management doesn’t know why
  • They are experiencing low morale issues from their staff
  • Their employees are not pulling together as a team or buying-in to the  company’s vision and goals
  • They need to develop supervisor skills
  • They need a coach to help managers and leaders succeed in their positions.
  • They want to make staff improvements and don’t know where to start.

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